Overnight stays Mini-Camping ‘De Hoge Hof’

Overnight stays at ‘De Hoge Hof’ farm and mini campsite. When it comes to overnight stays at ‘De Hoge Hof’ farm and mini campsite you have three options:

  1. In your tent, caravan or camper van on the campsite.
  2. In one of the four apartments (Max. 4 people)
  3. In the lodge.

‘De Hoge Hof’ Mini Campsite is situated in the open countryside of the hills around Groesbeek. Each pitch is equipped with its own 16A electric hook-up and there are plenty of water taps around. The facilities building has showers and toilets as well as a communal kitchen with a stove, microwave/oven, washing machine and dishwashing facilities.

‘De Hoge Hof’ is located at the end of the Millingen-Groesbeek stage of the Pieterpad, along which there are various interesting walking and cycling routes. And when you have had enough of walking or cycling then there are various museums in the surrounding area that are definitely worth a visit.



Since 1997 we have had 4 apartments. The existing barn has been fully converted into a true paradise for a more luxurious stay. With a beautiful view of the hilly countryside, German villages and woodlands we have given a new dimension to an apartment holiday.

The apartments are fully equipped for 4 people with a private toilet, shower and kitchenette. In addition to a double bed, there is also space for two children or adults to sleep on the upper floor.



In addition to the apartments ‘De Hoge Hof’ mini campsite also has a lodge.

Our lodge is equipped with two bunk beds (with duvet and pillows), good heating, a fridge, crockery, coffee maker and kettle. You can cook in the mini campsite’s communal kitchen where there is cooking equipment and pots and pans.

If you are looking for a bit more mysticism and adventure, then this lodge is definitely something for you! The lodge is located next to the apartments on the campsite.