Welcome to ‘De Hoge Hof’ farm and mini campsite

During your stay with us you will be able to enjoy some fabulous panoramic views of the hilly countryside around Groesbeek. Right in the heart of the ‘Rijk van Nijmegen’ (The greater Nijmegen area) it feels like you are in a different country.

Situated right on the Pieterpad, which at this spot is also good for interesting walking and cycling routes. At De Hoge Hof you will find unprecedented peace and quiet and a relaxed, casual atmosphere. If you have always wanted to milk a cow or feed a calf, then you need to get a taste of real life on a farm!

On ‘De Hoge Hof’ farm and mini campsite there are three ways to stay:

  1. In your tent, caravan or camper van on the campsite.
  2. In one of the four apartments.
  3. In the lodge.
  4. Skybox (group room for workshops and farmer’s breakfast / lunch and dinner)

A few years ago, we were on ‘Man Bijt Hond’, an NCRV TV programme, because the Pieterpad runs through our farmyard.


Our campsite is open throughout the year.
Videos of De Hoge Hof Campsite

The following videos have been produced to give you an idea of our farm and mini campsite:
1: Lodge 2: Apartments